How To Make Your Bedroom Smell Good

The bedroom has to be a comfortable place but your bedroom is full of unpleasant smells because you rarely have time to clean it up?And you do not want to use air fresheners as some of them often contain poisonous chemicals that can be harmful when inhaling?

Luckily, there are many ways to make your bedroom scented without putting you and those around you at stake.

Open The Window

It is advisable to open the bedroom window at least once a week so that fresh air can fill the room. The natural fresh air can bring a refreshing smell to your bedroom; moreover, the direct sunlight illuminating the room can kill mold and other bacteria that cause bad odour. 

Contrary to the opinion of many people, the outdoor air is actually often less toxic than indoor air where things like lead dust, radon and other poisons can accumulate. If the weather is beautiful, you should open a window once a day for at least 5 minutes.

Clean Up Your Bed

You should wash the bed sheets and pillowcases once a week and wash blankets at least every 3 months. The pillows and blankets in bed can have an unpleasant smell if you do not wash them regularly. Our body usually sweat gives off moisture during sleep, while sleeping that which causes damp bed sheets and turns into the proliferation of mold and bacteria. 

Instead of cleaning the bed as soon as you wake up, you can take out the bed sheet and leave it for at least 30 minutes to make the buffer ventilated. 

Do Not Smoke In Your Bedroom

The smoke of cigarette will cling to clothes and furniture, which make air quality of your room deteriorate. 

Therefore, you must consider quitting smoking to protect the health of yourself and your people around you, as well as to keep the smoke away from your haven. If you can not give up smoking, then at least you should try to smoke outside.

Keep The Trash Can Clean

If you put the trash can in your bedroom, please remember to take out the garbage regularly and clean it thoroughly by using old rags and sprays. You can also try to spray deodorant water to remove any odor-causing toxins. 

You can opt for the recycle bin with a closed lid to keep the garbage smell in. Avoid throwing food waste into the trashcan in the bedroom if possible as it can quickly make the bedroom smell even if the trashcan has a lid. Take it out of the room right away and throw it into the dustbin in the kitchen or outside your home. 

Do Not Wear Shoes In The Bedroom

Shoes can bring into your bedroom a lot of disgusting substances, from animal waste to toxic chemicals on the street. Leave your shoes outside and your bedroom will stay clean and fresh.

Put Some Flower In Bedroom

Plants are not just decorations for the bedroom, the study shows that they also have the effect of filtering toxins caused by synthetic materials discharged. However, you also need to remember that some plants may trigger allergies in certain people, so you should be careful when choosing plants to put in your room. 

Make A Diy Natural Fragrance Sprays

While the spray bottles sold in the shops are filled with toxic chemicals, a simple mixture of essential oils and water will be a great alternative products. You only need to mix 60 ml of distilled water with 10-15 drops of essential oil of your preference into empty spray bottles, and your room spray is completed!

Just follow those  steps above and you can make your room full of wonderful fragrance . It will not waste your time as  you only need to spend 10 minutes a day.